Denim Waist Extender Is Our New Favorite Accessory

Denim Waist Extender Is Our New Favorite Accessory

Being the waist extenders experts, we love new products that can help you improve your silhouette. Recently, we came across one of the best waist band extenders in the market. It’s called Denim Waist Extender and comes from a new brand called Awesome Bosoms.


Denim Waist Extender- The Perfect Fit For Your Life

Hook me up! If you’re like us, you’re busting out of your jeans every time you need a little extra oomph in the midsection. We’re so grateful to have found this denim waist extender. It’s a perfect accessory to keep an eye out for when you’re hitting up your local thrift stores and garage sales.

The denim waist extender is a perfect way to give yourself a boost or fill out that favorite pair of pants that are just a bit too tight in the waist. Sometimes you just need a little help and the denim waist extender is the perfect accessory for the job.

The denim waist extender is simply a piece of fabric that has extra elastic sewn into it to stretch around your middle and keep your pants from falling down. They’re made from sturdy material and feel like quality craftsmanship. They come in lots of patterns and colors so there’s plenty to choose from.

This is something that’s going to be useful for years to come and I’m glad I have a few tucked away ready to go at all times.

They are helpful especially after dinner or a big meal but these do not stretch. They work great for baby bumps but I’d get the ones that stretch Buy Denim Waist Extender For Waistband Extenders.

Why you would want to wear them

You’re already wearing jeans. Why not wear them longer? That’s the logic behind the denim waist extender, a woven strip of fabric that can add two or three inches to your waistband, so you don’t constantly have to buy new pants.

The $20 Hanks Strap & Buckle Denim Waist Extender is designed to fit men’s jeans, up to a 46-inch waist. For about $6 more, you can get one for women, sized for waists up to 40 inches. These are nice. I didn’t need the extra slot which flaps out causing it not to be flat Buy Denim Waist Extender For Denim Jeans .

It comes in black, white and red and includes a belt buckle to secure it at your natural waist — meaning you don’t have to worry about the extender sliding down throughout the day. It also has a soft cotton lining that prevents visible lines when worn under clothes.

The extender can be worn under your shirt, or on its own with a pair of shorts as an alternative to high-waisted jeans, according to its inventor. “You can wear them on their own or underneath,” said Jim Thompson, who created the product with his son Steve. “They not only give you more length but they give you more room in the crotch.”

He added: “If you love wearing jeans but hate buying new ones all the time


Buy Denim Waist Extender Today, Risk Free

I was always a little self-conscious about my waist, especially when I compare myself to other girls. I’m 5’5″ and I weigh 110 pounds. My small waistline is about 23 inches. But the truth is that most of my friends have larger waists than mine. One of my friends told me that if we buy jeans together, she could wear the jeans and I could wear the waist extender. Surprisingly, it worked! These are PERFECT for the first half of pregnancy because you can wear the jeans you already have and not have to deal with those annoying belly bands that roll up and move around. I wish I had found these earlier, but I’m so glad I found them now! I’m guessing I will be able to use these until I’m about 4 or 5 months along and then I plan to switch to traditional pregnancy jeans Online Denim Waist Extender For Pants.

Now, I can wear any clothes I want to and my friends won’t laugh at me anymore!

So if you want to look fabulous with a smaller waist, just buy this denim waist extender today!

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