Keep your pup cozy with a heated dog bed on sale

Keep your pup cozy with a heated dog bed on sale

Keep your pup cozy with a heated dog bed on sale

TL;DR: The HEATD dog bed mattress gives your pup somewhere cozy to sleep. As of June 2, it’s on sale for $169.99, a total savings of around 15%.

I LOVE this comb! I’ve been a groomer for almost 2 years now and, until this comb, I’ve been buying the $10-$15, 2”, brand less poodle combs off of Amazon. The teeth on those bend very easily and fall out of the comb falls. We’ve had a new groomer transfer to our salon a little while ago and she had one of these in her arsenal of tool. She saw the ‘comb graveyard’ in my bag and sent me the link to this one. She’s had her cone for most of her 10 year grooming career and the comb is one of her favorites. Get Pet Comb For Cat and Dog

Just because you like your air conditioning on full blast doesn’t mean your dog doesDogs get cold just like humans. The HEATD Dog Bed Mattress, which features a removable heating pad, can help keep your pup warm and cozy no matter the season — plus, it’ll give them somewhere soft to rest.

We are living with a German Shepard and the shedding is relentless. I was using the Furminator to cut down on the fur around the house, and although it works great I was still fighting fluff. I talked to a young gentlemen who grooms animals and he explained how only a comb will get the loose hair from the undercoat and so upon his recommendation i ordered this product. We still have shedding, but it is soo much better and she seems to enjoy getting combed. Recently she got in a bunch of “stickers” and I even was successful in getting those that were still loose in her tail out easily with the comb. Where To Buy Pet Comb For Bedlington Grooming

Thanks to a large M-shaped heating pad, the HEATD bed delivers fast, hot, and efficient heating. There are three different temperature settings to choose from to suit your pup’s preferences. Plus, there’s a thermostatic control that allows you to set the temperature you want and a timer for it to go off at a certain time. Read more…

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I liked this product because I don’t have to fill up my dog’s water dish as often. I just didn’t realize how small 3.5 liters is. It still gets the job done though. One thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t come with instructions. It’s the same concept as replacing the water cooler in an office. You have to pull the water bottle off the base and unscrew the top to fill it with water. Make sure you pay attention when you unscrew it and you place the cap the right way because otherwise it won’t work. Once filled, turn it upside down place it back in the base. There’s a mechanism that will start the water flow to the dish. It’s a really cool dish once you figure out how to use it. I now have to fill the dog dish once a day instead 3-4 times a day. Best Automatic Dog Feeder Bowl For Cat and Dog

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