Spring Cleaning or Purging

Spring Cleaning or Purging


..I’ve recently found a local Buy Nothing Facebook group. The concept is to ask and give things for free. Their mission is:

We offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.

Helps cut my dry time Buy Wool Dryer Balls For Laundry

Our local administrator is consistently prompting people to ask for things their would otherwise buy that week. And many, mostly women, post their home purges.

I love the concept and have used it myself several time recently to get rid of things. When you don’t want to take the time to try to sell or donate things, it’s a great alternative.

One of the things I’m doing this month as one of my “to dos” is going room to room to purge things we don’t need AND decorate a bit. I’m not decorating as in buying things, but rather finding a place for things and making it look more organized and presentable around here.

As much as the rooms and occupants have moved around in this home, it’s become a bit of a modge podge. I’m going to create order and even a since of normalcy…

And I’m going to use the Buy Nothing group to deal with the purge! Anyone else getting the spring cleaning itch and starting to clean out closets and drawers?

Not a Heavy Lift to Help Others

I ordered these to reduce the extra chemicals in my laundry from dryer sheets and cut down on drying time. Was pleasantly surprised at how soft my clothes were, and how little static I had. They cut drying time on average loads by maybe 10 mins a load, but that will certainly add up to savings on my electric over time. They offer the same benefits as the wool balls, and don’t involve harming animals for a laundry product. I will be buying more! I Want A Reusable Dryer Ball For Laundry

One other thing I like about the group is that they are always soliciting help for people in need. And frankly, having a large community of people pitching in makes it a light lift to help a lot of people without being burdened. There are often grocery bags to fill or clothing needs.

Do you have a Buy Nothing group in your area? Or something similar service to help others AND facilitate giving and receiving needed items?

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