The All-Wood Collection’s Trio of Tables Are Wiggly Fun

The All-Wood Collection’s Trio of Tables Are Wiggly Fun

The All-Wood Collection’s Trio of Tables Are Wiggly Fun

A coffee table, dining table and side table, whose wiggly shapes were inspired by the mid-20th century work of landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, make up Wiggle Room’s new All-Wood collection. The minimalism of the designs themselves found their inspiration in Alvar Aalto’s organic forms, and add a dose of carefree playfulness to the series.

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Baltic birch is Wiggle Room’s most requested colorway, so giving it a collection of its own only makes sense. Digital fabrication technologies and sustainable materials make it possible for the playful tables to be flat-packed, for low shipping costs and less packing materials, and require zero tools to be assembled.

two seat sofa and coffee table

Like all three tables, the Baltic Birch Wiggle Coffee Table is unique and looks great next to any sofa. It’s available in 45-inches and 60-inch sizes and features a natural wood top protected by commercial-grade finish. The Baltic Birch Wiggle Dining Table is ready to host dinner parties or Zoom meetings, while the Baltic Birch Wiggle Side Table makes for a great stool or plant stand. All tables are made in the USA.

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coffee table detail

sofa and coffee table

coffee table detail

side table

coffee table

dining table and chairs

dining table and chair

dining table, chair, console

dining table detail

dining table detail

dining table

side table

side table with lavender top

In addition to the All-Wood collection, Wiggle Room offers the tables with colorful tabletops.

coffee table with lavender top

side table with yellow top

two side tables

dining table in kitchen space

side table

To learn more about the All Wood collection, visit

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