With This New Safety Standard For Locks And Latches You’ll Be Able To Relax A Little — (Even With A Thrill-Seeking Toddler)

With This New Safety Standard For Locks And Latches You’ll Be Able To Relax A Little — (Even With A Thrill-Seeking Toddler)

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If keeping a toddler from hurting themselves were an Olympic sport, we’d deserve multiple gold medals. From racing across the living room to peel them off a bookcase (thank goodness it’s bolted to the wall!) to yanking out the disgusting things they insert into their mouths, we’re exhausted.

With so many tasks to complete each day, keeping our tiny thrill-seekers out of cabinets filled with cleaning products or our special nightstand drawer (wink, wink) shouldn’t be on the list. We know we need to babyproof our homes before our kids become mobile, but when we’re sleep deprived and juggling all the things, it can be hard to find the time to research the best practices and tools.

Luckily, Safety 1st gives busy parents peace of mind with their new safety standards for locks and latches. Their commitment to developing the Highest Standard in Safety means we can savor our coffee (before it gets cold) while our little ones play.


Highest Standard in Safety = Relaxed Parents

One of the more stressful aspects of parenting is figuring out which products we can trust to keep our little explorers safe. Safety 1st has always been a trusted name in our household, so when I needed a system for making doors, drawers, and cabinets inaccessible to toddler hands, I looked to them first. Knowing the extent to which Safety 1st’s locks and latches have been tested, I feel comfortable running to the bathroom for a quick pee without stressing about my toddler endangering herself or making a mess. (Let’s not talk about the time my kid got into the stash of toilet paper from our under-the-sink cabinet. Toilet paper is a high demand item right now, kid.)

Toddlers are clever and tenacious, not to mention surprisingly strong, with an ability to pull with a force of up to 41 pounds! But you probably already knew that from that time you attempted to pry their big brother’s toy from their sticky hands. Safety 1st has developed their standards accordingly — their latches have been real-world tested and can withstand the pull from even the most determined toddler.

Prior to February of 2021, there were no industry standards in place for childproofing products. But Safety 1st worked with ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) using their own proprietary methods and internal guidelines to develop and approve an industry wide standard.

I love a company that looks at the big picture in order to keep our kids safe.

The shower curtain is super lightweight & durable. The magnetics keep the curtain closed while showering. My only objection is that the mesh is not more translucent and does not have the screen effect I see at most hotels. If you make a mess in the shower, this is NOT for you. If you want a curtain like this and have a heavy duty shower life, find one with the detachable plastic liner. Where Can I Buy Shower Curtain For Bathroom


Can You Outsmart a Toddler?

Remember when encouraging our baby’s curiosity was exciting? Yes, that’s your foot. Doesn’t it taste good?

As soon as our tiny family members become mobile, their curiosity becomes an almost evil superpower. Suddenly every cabinet and door holds a magical wonder like they’re a contestant on a game show guessing the door with the biggest prize behind it. And why is it that the cabinet with the cleaning products in it is always the one with the greatest pull?

Until they’re old enough to help us mop the kitchen floors, we need to outsmart them. Yes, it’s possible. Say it with me: I am smarter than my toddler.

Safety 1st offers a variety of latches and locks in their OutSmart™ line to keep tiny hands out. They even have a decoy button so your child can press it — and nothing will happen. Genius!

Imagine being able to complete a text to your bestie while your toddler furiously smashes the decoy button on your OutSmart™ Slide Lock or OutSmart™ Lever Lock. (One day you’ll be able to have an entire uninterrupted conversation. Promise.) The Slide Lock is for cabinet knobs and pulls, and the Lever Lock is for lever door handles — neither requires drilling to install, and though the decoy buttons outsmart toddlers, the actual functional buttons are in plain sight and easy (for grownups) to use.

No knobs or pulls? Try the Adhesive Magnetic Lock System. Safety 1st has tools for all your babyproofing needs.


Safety Never Stops, But You Can Relax (A Little)

We worry about our kids, no matter how big they get. That feeling will never go away because that’s what parents do. But when it comes to keeping our kids out of cabinets, feeling secure should be simple and easy. Choosing the baby proofing tools that meet Safety 1st’s Highest Standard in Safety allows parents to relax (as much as any parent can).

Let’s do our best to enjoy the exciting moments of parenthood instead of feeling anxiety when our little ones become mobile and start to explore. We’re allowed to relax (a little).

Because Safety 1st has our back.


Feeling secure should be simple. Thanks to Safety 1st, there is a new Highest Standard in Safety for locks and latches. Learn more here.

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